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A Fee That Fits Your Budget

What's In A Legal Fee

Attorney fees vary from attorney to attorney and from firm to firm. The Model Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the Michigan Supreme Court lists a number of factors that go into determining a lawyer’s fees in Michigan. These can include the time and labor required in the representation; the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved; and the skill requisite to perform the legal service properly. Other factors include the fee customarily charged in the locality for similar legal services; the monetary amount involved in the transaction and the results obtained; the time limitations imposed by the client or by the circumstances; the nature and length of the professional relationship with the client; and the experience, reputation, and ability of the lawyer or lawyers performing the services.

Affordable and Accountable Fees Structured for Your Busines

The Business Law Group™ understands that often entrepreneurs, startups, small and emerging businesses delay or avoid contacting a business lawyer because they fear high hourly rates as well as uncertain and unaccountable legal fees. Businesses do not realize that legal fees can be negotiated, structured and catered to the needs of the particular business client and the circumstances of a transaction

Attorney Fee Options

Traditional Fees

This is the industry standard that most everyone is familiar with. Often referred to as the hourly rate or the billable hour, the business attorney you work with will track his or her time and send you an invoice showing the number of hours worked multiplied by his or her hourly rate. Know More

Flat Fees

The Business Law Group is able to offer our clients certain services at a flat rate. This allows our clients to avoid the worry of how many hours our attorneys are working for them. They also do not have to worry about a high hourly rate. We are able to give them a flat fee for the work they need done and that is the all they will pay for that work. Know More

General Counsel Plans

General counsel plans are basically a monthly fee that our clients pay and in exchange they receive agreed upon services each month or over the course of a year. These services can range from regular meetings and work toward a long-term goal for you business or can encompass having your attorney on call when you need him or her.Know More

Risk Premiums

Certain projects have different thresholds that once reached can create an increased amount of risk. The Business Law Group offers a fee option that standard fees are charges prior to reach this risk threshold and if that threshold is reached a premium fee will be charged. This allows clients to receive preliminary work at a more reasonable fee.Know More

Project Plans

Sometimes our clients have large projects with multiple phases and components. Similar to the flat fees we offer, The Business Law Group will offer fees specific to each portion of the project. Once a milestone is reached or the next phase starts, the fee will be due. If the project stalls or is terminated, only the work done is paid for.Know More

Success Fees

In some specific cases, The Business Law Group is able to offer a greatly reduced hourly rate for our services to clients who pay a success fee upon the successful conclusion of a transaction. This allows our clients to worry less about our fees and give them confidence that The Business Law Group will not cause any unnecessary delay or hinder the transaction.Know More

General Counsel Plan services

The Business Law Group, in an effort to make general counsel, in-house counsel or chief legal officer services affordable to all businesses no matter the size, has developed an alternative fee system in which allows you to negotiate a plan that fits your business’ needs. This allows you to budget your legal fees over a year and not worry about meetings running long or asking for advice from your trusted counselor. Each plan is custom developed for each of our business clients and the monthly fee is negotiated to what you can afford and what your Grand Rapids or West Michigan business needs. All of your business’ legal needs will be taken care of by an experienced business attorney who will know your business as well as you do at a rate you know you can count on to be consistent.

Long-Term Planning

If you are starting to look at some of the big picture topics in your business, such as transitioning ownership, selling the business, succession planning or handing over control to the next generation in your family, you are going to have a lot of questions and need for the services of a business attorney in Grand Rapids. This can be tough to budget for as the intensity and need of that counsel can fluctuate from month-to-month. A General Counsel Plan will balance this fluctuation over the course of a year, get you the representation you need and come with the added benefits discussed below.Know More


Its not uncommon for even basic businesses to have compliance issues to deal with. Federal, state and local governments can set a number of requirements that can be burdensome on you as the business owner to deal with. Whether you need to apply for certain licensing requirements, file certain reports or maintain compliance with the required laws, statutes, regulations, rules or ordinances, The Business Law Group has the ability to take the burden off you. We can create a General Counsel Plan where we do the heavy lifting and ensure your business remains in compliance allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business. This also comes with the added benefits discussed below.Know More

On Call Attorney

You may operate a business where it is necessary to have an attorney readily available to you. Whether you know you are going to face a number of disputes and conflicts every year, regularly enter into negotiations that could use the assistance of counsel or just want to know that an attorney that is familiar with your business available to you at any time, an on call business attorney can help you out. This also comes with the standard benefits of our General Counsel Plans discussed below. Know More

Benefits of General Counsel Plans

The Business Law Group™, in an effort to make general counsel services available and affordable to all businesses no matter the size, has developed a program which allows you to structure a general legal service and fee plan uniquely appropriate for your business or transactional needs. Such a plan allows you to budget legal fees over a yearly or other period and not worry about meetings or phone calls running long or whether to ask for advice from your trusted legal counsel.
Each plan is custom developed for each of our business clients and the monthly fee is negotiated to what the client needs and can afford. All of your general counsel legal needs will be taken care of by an experienced business attorney who understands your business at an affordable and budgeted cost.
​Legal counsel will now become part of your business planning and risk management rather than a just a reaction to a problem or emergency. When the need more specific and directed legal services arises in connection with a significant transaction or event, your general counsel will already be up to speed on your business and able to handle the specialized transaction or event more expeditiously and cost effectively.

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