Outside Counsel For Your Business' In-House Needs

You Deserve Targeted and Proactive Counsel for Your Business

Our clients have lofty goals. They have a vision for where they are taking their business and that vision can scare the common business owner.
The problem that our clients find is that in order to grow their business to match their goals, things begin to move very quickly. This then leads to an increased amount of time trying to resolve issues that were overlooked or put off. Dealing with these issues then bog down the growth of the business.
The Business Law Group offers our small and medium size business clients a unique and innovative services. We work as outside general counsel for our clients allowing them the same benefits that much larger companies enjoy.

"A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart."

- Confucius

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Your Business vs. The BIG Business

Your small or medium-sized business is really not that different than a BIG business. While you may have only 25 employees and not 2500, the number and complexity of issues your business faces will be proportionally greater than that of a much larger business. Because your business can grow at a much faster rate than a BIG business and will likely have access to far fewer internal resources, you may have more need for outside advisers and counsel. BIG businesses often move slowly. Our clients generally do not. While the numbers may be bigger for BIG business, the potential impact of events, strategies and decisions is often far greater on smaller businesses. Having access to outside general counsel to proactively navigate these challenges and issues can dramatically improve your business prospects.

Concierge Level Counsel

For a select business and individuals that meet program requirements, we offer concierge level legal counsel services. This level of service provides you with unprecedented access to your business counsel. There are valuable benefits that we make available to our concierge level clients that are not generally provided largest law firms of any size or prestige, including priority 24/7 access to your concierge legal counsel, priority placement and completion of work, as well as other benefits.
If you believe your business could benefit from concierge level legal counsel, click the button below to visit our specialty concierge counsel page to learn more.

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