Associated Team Members

Associate With The Best

Your business demands the best representation possible. That means working with attorneys that specialize in the area of the law that gets the job done and gets it done right. We qualify, network and collaborate with expert, specialty lawyers and law firms throughout Michigan, the broader United States and internationally. These lawyers are readily available as a resource to our Team and clients and to co-counsel with under appropriate circumstances.
It is from this group of select firms and attorneys that we have chosen to associate with. When matters come up that are outside the areas The Business Law Group specializes in, we do not just refer these situations out to these relationships. We go beyond a simple introduction and we work with our clients and the associate team member. This allows our clients to focus on their businesses while knowing they are receiving the highest level of legal representation.
The Business Law Group truly takes on a position of general counsel in working with our associate team members. We engage the associate team member to ensure they can take on the matter. We provide them with the information they need. We are their point of contact with our client. We ensure that our clients are educated on the process.
We also qualify and maintain working relationships with a variety of experienced and reputable professionals in various disciplines that can be helpful to our business clients. These include CPAs, bookkeepers, tax preparers, bankers, business brokers, investment bankers, venture capital firms, private equity firms, angel funds and groups, economic development professionals, valuation experts and dispute resolution professionals.