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Startups and entrepreneurs face some unique challenges. These types of businesses tend to be focused on growing and most are looking to grow quickly. This can put stress on the startup, entrepreneur or inventor because they have to navigate typical business issues on top of trying to determine the most efficient way to advance the business. This can be through startup funding or investing, strategic relationships or taking on risks that a lifestyle business would be adverse to taking.

Do You Know How To Choose The Right Advisors For Your Grand Rapids Startup?

Advisors can cut a startup’s learning curve greatly. A startups ability to leverage the experience of an advisor can greatly reduce the time it takes to get things accomplish and grow the business quickly. But you have to know how to choose the right advisors? Do you need someone that works with startups? Is there a specific personality that you need to work best? What should you be asking?

Michigan Startup Information

1. Should a startup be a LLC or Corporation?

There are positives and negatives to both forms of entity when it comes to a startup business. Some investors will only invest in LLCs while a corporation is easier to sell shares that the entity has available. Ultimately it comes down what your advisors recommend for your specific situation but a LLC is generally the most common entity for a startup.Know More

2. Where Do You Find Startup Funding?

Startup investors are every where. At the same time they can be hard to find. Friends and family are common sources for many early stage businesses. There are also private investors, angel investors, venture capital investors, investor groups, crowdfunding and grants available. The most important thing is to have a definitive plan for any funding you receive so it works for your ultimate plan.Know More

3. How do I protect my intellectual property?

Intellectual property is often the inherent value in many startups. While your startup may not be profitable, it still holds value because of the technology you own, the customers or users that you have, the brand you are building and so much more. Protecting this intellectual property or IP can be tricky and confusing. As a general rule patents protect the product, trademarks protect the brand and copyrighting protects the content created. There are other ways to protect things like trade secrets, customer lists, business models and more through contractual agreements like non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements and non-solicitation agreements.Know More

4. My startup can't afford a business lawyer?

In most startup ventures, the focus is on growth. Hiring a sales team, developing the marketing, updating the product to meet customer demand, developing new markets, etc. can take up a lot of time and money. You have to remember that all that growth comes with risk. An attorney can help you limit your exposure. You also need to account for that fact that many of the people you deal with, like investors and other businesses, likely are represented by a lawyer. This is another reason why it may be prudent to develop a relationship with your own representation.Know More
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